Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Soldier on the Move for Truth and Justice

Within the six years I knew Ralph, I was and continue to be inspired by his affluence of knowledge, quiet strength and perseverance when confronted with discrimination and injustice. He was instrumental in grounding me and expanding my awareness of the struggles and triumphs of being a woman of African descent. Conversing with Ralph prompted me to embark on a journey of discovering and appreciating aspects of myself that were often devalued and rendered invisible. Because of him, I have grown to enthusiastically embrace and freely express multiple identities which include being a queer woman of color feminist who actively challenges status quo and champions the rights of marginalized groups globally.

Thanks to the unconditional support of Ralph, I was able to penetrate a layer of the steel wall of the white supremacist capital patriarchy at SUNY Oneonta to assertively demand equity and social justice. Ralph's passion and dedication to aiding students struck by the dehumanizing forces of oppression was a gift he used brilliantly and selflessly. This gift gave students like me a voice--a safe space to name the realities of our oppression and develop a context for struggling to eradicate the exploitation of institutions on campus and beyond. Ralph educated me about the significance of having a critical consciousness. He demonstrated the importance of organizing an inclusive liberation movement which provides a framework of affirmation for marginalized peoples and ways of existing in a social context that allows celebration and acceptance.

-Denora Williams


Caridad said...
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Caridad said...

Your posting helps to dispel the myth that ALS faculty manipulate students. Sharing about how Ralph supported you in such an eloquent manner really demonstrates his commitment to helping the disenfranchise voice their concerns. Thanks for such a wondeful tribute to him. Caridad